Presently, the Virtual Burlesque Crew perform regularly at 2 beautiful venues on the SIM of Kingsport in SL.

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  • The original and longest running Neo-Burlesque club in Second Life...

  • Authentic ambience, friendly patrons and a charming host offer you a very realistc experience.

The Original Neo-Burlesque in SL

The original Ellie's Burlesque House was created on a quarter of a tiny homestead SIM named Jupyter in January of 2009. Since opening it's doors in March of that year, secondlife burlesque and dance in general has become an exciting and creative new form of entertainment. The small but iconic catwalk stage of Ellie's has remained unchanged in its design, even though the entire club has undergone a number of moves and remodels since it's opening. It's walls are rich with textures and details, and the entire venue lends itself extremely well to the feeling of a real world performance. The ambience is very comfortable and the clientelle are charming and friendly. At Ellie's, staff will always greet you with a smile and an unspoken promise to provide a unique secondlife experience.


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The Asylum Origin

In August of 2009, the Virtual Burlesque crew decided to open a larger, more elaborate and big-scale venue that featured top quality routines and a 'Main Event' type of show. This Venue was The E&S Burlesque Factory, a huge art deco style ballroom with a huge stage and regular saturday night shows. Virtual Burlesque also later fully aquired The Beautiful Freaks Burlesque Circus, which was a darker, and more bizarre than our regular shows, but also featured the Virtual Burlesque crew doing what they do best. After sucessfully running all three venues on the SIM of Viva La Glam for about 2 years, the Factory and the Beautiful Freaks combined to form one ultimate venue in the new location of Kingsport, now known as The ASYLUM. Our shows are roughly every other week and approximately once a month we host a huge special themed night that pushes the limits of SL dance and burlesque!