What our show is...

You want to see an amazing show?
Want to see beautiful sexy people dance for you?
Want to see fabulous costumes and stunning sets?
Want to do all of that in the comfort of your living room or home office?
Well now you can!
Walk in the doors 10 minutes before the show starts and find yourself a comfortable chair in one of our eclectic venues. Either pull up a cot in the Asylum or choose one of the cozy Ellie's chairs and prepare yourself for a couple of hours of the most amazing show, performed by real people live inworld!! We at Virtual Burlesque have strived to make our show as much like a real life show as possible inworld.. while still having all the impossible advantages of SL. Our incredible MC Else Barnard keeps you entertained and informed during pause in the show while dancers set up there acts live and in real time. We try to keep each act origional to our venues to ensure that you-the audience-is never bored. Each week, each show brings you acts that will amaze and stun.... you will want to come back each week just to see what we have come up with this time. One of our most frequently asked questions is "How did you do that?"
So whether you are new to SL or 5 years in...believe me, we are about to shatter your persceptions of how entertaining SL dance can be!